Networked Sensing

We have had a long interest in networked sensing, the idea that information from network-connected sensors can be mined to understand environments and behaviors

  1. MobiCom
    UbiPose: Towards Ubiquitous Outdoor AR Pose Tracking Using Aerial Meshes
    Weiwu Pang, Chunyu Xia, Branden Leong, and 3 more authors
    In Proceedings of the 29th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, 2023
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    MCAL: Minimum Cost Human-Machine Active Labeling
    Hang Qiu, Krishna Chintalapudi, and Ramesh Govindan
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    Sensing the Sensor: Estimating Camera Properties with Minimal Information
    Pradipta Ghosh, Xiaochen Liu, Hang Qiu, and 3 more authors
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    Synthesis of Large-Scale Instant IoT Networks
    Pradipta Ghosh, Jonathan Bunton, Dimitrios Pylorof, and 6 more authors
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    Scrooge: A Cost-Effective Deep Learning Inference System
    Yitao Hu, Rajrup Ghosh, and Ramesh Govindan
    In SoCC ’21: ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing, Seattle, WA, USA, November 1 - 4, 2021, Feb 2021
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    Rim: Offloading Inference to the Edge
    Yitao Hu, Weiwu Pang, Xiaochen Liu, and 4 more authors
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    New Frontiers in IoT: Networking, Systems, Reliability, and Security Challenges
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    Persistent Connected Power Constrained Surveillance with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    Pradipta Ghosh, Paulo Tabuada, Ramesh Govindan, and 1 more author
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  9. Grab: Fast and Accurate Sensor Processing for Cashier-Free Shopping
    Xiaochen Liu, Yurong Jiang, Kyu-Han Kim, and 1 more author
    In , Feb 2020
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    Pradipta Ghosh, Jonathan Bunton, Dimitrios Pylorof, and 6 more authors
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  11. Sensys
    Caesar: Cross-camera Complex Activity Recognition
    Xiaochen Liu, Pradipta Ghosh, Oytun Ulutan, and 3 more authors
    Feb 2019
  12. IoTDI
    Kestrel: Video Analytics for Augmented Multi-Camera Vehicle Tracking
    H Qiu, X Liu, S Rallapalli, and 5 more authors
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  13. ToN
    Scalability and Satisfiability of Quality-of-Information in Wireless Networks
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